PSX Arbitration

Claim Form 5097/ 2023 against M/s. Ktrade Securities Limited (KSL)

1- TELE - 50,000

 Bellow are the  TELE Qty 50,000 unauthorized trade details.

I found this strange trade and asked my trader for details

Initially  send me this

Later on Confirming that trade actually done by client (Which I never),  listen below voice note

Even a fake invoice was send to me which I argued, listen below voice note

After hours of protest 

Arguments by my side

Finally removed 50k TELE from my account, listen below voice note

2- PIOC - 13,500

 Bellow are the  PIOC Qty 13,500 unauthorized trade details.

After my strong protest and threat of complaining to SECP and PSX on phone between (3:10 to 3:30pm) on April 28th 2022 they finally removed it from my account with following confess.

Here is the confess, Please listen below voice note

Orders usually took on WhatsApp by KSL, below are screenshots of real orders placed and executed through WhatsApp 

Please write back if further details needed. Thanks

Kind Regards,
Kashif Mukhtar